Prepping for the DNC

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Joe Kaczmarek
Patriotic lights bathe Philadelphia's 30th Street station in stars and stripes, red, white and blue early Thursday morning. The lights will cover the station's facade at 29th and JFK for 10 nights -- ending on July 31.
Fencing sits piled up along the sidewalk outside the Wells Fargo Center. Perimeter fencing is expected to surround the arena with road closures starting farther out.
Philadelphia Police's Highway Patrol Unit ran exercises around the Sports Complex and FDR Park on Tuesday ahead of the event.
Signs are up on the walls of the Wells Fargo Center. Whose convention is happening here?
Here's a sneak peek at the convention floor and stage from inside the Wells Fargo Center. Crews are setting up high-definition monitors and other equipment.
Some 20,000 members of the media will be in town to cover the DNC. Many will call this media village outside the Wells Fargo Center home -- for at least part of their visit.
In Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, where scores of protesters and activists will be relegated to, crews spent the week trimming tree branches to provide clear views our of the park.
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