PPA Hammered Over Lack of Uber, Lyft Rules in Draft of New Regulations

The Philadelphia Parking Authority came off tone deaf and hindered by legislative red tape following a Wednesday public hearing where members of the taxi and limousine industry doled out harsh criticism over its draft of regulation changes.

City Councilman at-Large Al Taubenberger challenged one driver’s suggested adjustments to the proposed taxi rule changes, telling him he should have brought his ideas to state legislators before the governor legalized transportation network companies (TNCs), or Uber and Lyft, in November.

“Did you go to Harrisburg?” Taubenberger asked Muhammad Chughtai.

Chugthai had mentioned a limit on the number of TNCs on the road, a metered fare system for TNCs, and background checks and PPA licensure for TNC drivers.


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“They come to us with some of the finest points, yet when the overall game plan was being formulated, they weren’t there. Or they didn’t’ want to be there or they missed it,” Taubenerger said after the hearing concluded. “Something’s wrong.”

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