Sara Smith

PPA Kiosks Accepting Credit After Problem With Wireless Transmission Blocked Credit Card Payment

Credit card payments were not accepted at Philadelphia Parking Authority kiosks for part of the day Thursday.

In a statement posted to the PPA website, officials said a "temporary problem with wireless transmission of credit card payments" was at fault for the outage.

Officials confirmed the problem was resolved and kiosks were able to accept credit again around 7:30 p.m.

During the outage, those wishing to park needed to pay with cash or by using the PPA's phone app, "MeterUp."

PPA Executive Director Vince Fenerty said, "there would be a fifteeen minute grace period from the time a ticket is issued for customers to get cash to pay the kiosk." Any ticketed customer ticketed within that 15 minutes could contact customer service at or call the City's Parking Violations Branch at 1-888-591-3636.

“We want to apologize for any inconvenience caused by our inability to accept credit card payments. Be assured the PPA and the responsible vendors are working diligently to correct what appears to be a glitch in the data transmission process,” Fenerty said.

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