PPA Announces Pilot Program for Scooter, Motorcycle Parking

The Philadelphia Parking Authority announced Wednesday its pilot program for parking scooters and motorcycles in the city.

The plan permits those drivers to park their vehicles on sidewalks in front of their homes on residential blocks -- even in Center City and University City -- and allows them to park free on commercial blocks at 47 designated corrals totaling 180 spaces.

A state law prohibits sidewalk parking, which the PPA cracked down on in busy Center City and West Philly neighborhoods last year. 

The change is likely the result of the nearly nine months the Authority spent working with a group of concerned drivers, the Motorcycle & Scooter Coalition.

The two groups' conversations also led the PPA to include a mechanism that allows owners to lock their scooters and motorcycles, or "motos," to a post at the corrals located on commercial blocks.

No payment is required in the commercial zones during the trial period, which technically began July 1 and will run through the end of October. However a parking fee structure is in the works, according to the Authority. 

Drivers who already paid for a virtual permit to park at the corrals may apply for a refund of the prorated remaining value.

The PPA also promised to "increase enforcement of other vehicles illegally parked in motorcycle/scooter zones," and create a webpage on its site that details the moto regulations and shows a map of parking space locations.

The Motorcycyle & Scooter Coalition called the program a "great step forward" and acknowleged the efforts of the PPA and other city agencies.

But the advocacy group hesitated to express full support.

"We do not feel this is a complete solution," the Coalition's statement reads. "We look forward to working toward a solution that works for everyone involved."

The Authority admits it is difficult to address every concern, as they must consider "each element of the system, including pedestrians, bicyclists, automobiles, mass transit vehicles, delivery vehicles as well as motorcycles and scooters [which] have a valid, though sometimes conflicting claim on the public space."

When the pilot program ends in October, PPA and the Coalition will evaluate its success.

To get the full details of the pilot program, visit PPA's blog.

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