Pottstown Library’s $755K Renovation Includes GoFundMe Campaign

Pottstown Library

When you’re in the midst of a $755,000 renovation like Pottstown Regional Public Library is, every little bit counts.

That’s why the library’s executive director, Susan Davis, decided to try out a $5,000 campaign on the popular crowdfunding website GoFundMe.

“Someone we hired as a marketing consultant recommended it,” Davis said. “This seems to be taking off.”


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So far, 10 donors have pledged $1,130. The money will go to some new features, including movable shelving that can be arranged to accommodate events the library will host, Davis said.

The library, which is organized as a non-profit, is getting its first major renovation since it was converted from a post office in the 1960s. The demolition phase is underway, and the entire project is expected to be complete by September or October.

A $300,000 state grant is helping to pay for the project, Davis said.

Her assistant, Tracey Iezzi, said people are already marveling at what’s been uncovered during this first phase -- mosaic tile floor, marble trim, a glass ceiling pane.

“In the 60s, they painted over it,” Iezzi said of the marble trim. “There’s a purple color and a yellow color and we’re like, ‘Why would you paint over marble?’”

For more information about the library renovation and specifics of what the GoFundMe campaign will pay for, go here.

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