Potter Fans Rejoice! Pennsylvania Ice Cream Brand Introduces ‘Butterbeer' Flavor

Put down the Floo Powder, witches and wizards—getting a taste of Butter Beer just got a lot easier than traveling all the way to The Three Broomsticks.

Pennsylvania’s own Yuengling Ice Cream has taken some inspiration from the Harry Potter series and announced the addition of Butter Beer ice cream to their lineup of flavors. The magical half-butterscotch, half-buttercream ice cream blend, twisted with a butterscotch swirl, is giving fans a taste of one of the most famous beverages in the wizarding world.

“We are always looking for ways to inspire our fans and spark creativity. Whether it’s our flavor names and descriptions or the recipes themselves—we’re in the business of having fun,” said David Yuengling, President of Yuengling’s Ice Cream. “We hope we made J.K. Rowling proud with this flavor.”

Yuengling’s says the flavor is currently available in pints, but quarts will be available in the upcoming months.

Find a store selling the sweet treat near you here.

Additionally, if you’re looking for more of a classic flavor, Yuengling’s has added Strawberry in response to popular demand on social media. The company says the flavor “has been a consistent request since the brand relaunched in 2014.”

Yuengling’s Ice Cream, resurrected in 2014 after closing in 1985, was started by Frank D. Yuengling as a result of prohibition in 1920. Today, the brand makes 18 different flavors of ice cream ranging from classic vanilla to cinnamon churro.

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