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Postal Worker Appears to Watch as Man Walks Off with Package

A Philadelphia woman's front-door surveillance video shows an unidentified man walking off with a delivery left on her front steps seconds earlier by a postal worker, who appears to see the man take the package.

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The U.S. Postal Service in Philadelphia is investigating what a resident claims is a delivery theft that occurred right in front of a postal worker.

The postal worker, who has not been identified, delivered a package to city resident Katelynn Watson's house in the Point Breeze section on Monday afternoon, according to surveillance video given to NBC10 by Watson.

Watson claims the package contained a $150 pair of sneakers she had ordered as a birthday present for herself.

An unidentified man can be seen in surveillance video, shot by Watson's front-door camera, standing nearby as the USPS worker delivers the package at Watson's door.

As the postal worker starts to walk away, the man immediately picks up a package and walks off.

"It’s just annoying I paid for something -- it was a birthday gift for myself -- and some random man took it," Watson said of the sneakers she claims were stolen.

The U.S. Postal Service in Philadelphia told NBC10 on Tuesday that an investigation is underway into what exactly happened in the video. The USPS also said that postal carriers are instructed not to intervene in situations that might put themselves at risk. They are trained to notify their supervisor and police.

"There definitely needs to be an investigation and I don’t feel comfortable with her delivering my mail after seeing that video," Watson said. "I think there needs to be a suspension until it gets resolved. "

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