Man Detonates Possible M-80 in West Philadelphia Store, Hurting Man

Police are searching for the attacker who used an explosive inside a store in West Philadelphia

A man entered a West Philadelphia store early Monday and detonated what investigators believe to be an M-80 before fleeing, police said.

The attacker entered New Asia Restaurant on the 4500 block of Lancaster Avenue around 1 a.m. The explosion caused unknown injuries to a 19-year-old man. He is listed in stable condition at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

Southwest Detectives and federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms continue to investigate the incident.

The explosion is the third involving illegal devices to cause injuries in the past 30 days.

Shortly before the 4th of July, a 9-year-old girl detonated “an improvised explosive device” in her home, causing life-altering injuries.

Days later, a 12-year-old boy detonated an explosive device with “the power equivalent to a quarter-stick to a half-of-stick of dynamite” that damaged his fingers and hands, police said.

M-80s are homemade explosives that cannot be purchased in stores because of the extreme dangers they pose to consumers.

They can be very sensitive to heat, shock, electrostatic discharges and friction, according to the ATF.

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