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Possible Large Cat Sightings in Winslow Township, New Jersey: Police

UPDATE: Officials determinedthe cat to be a house cat.

Possible "large cat" sightings in South Jersey are under investigation by officials.

The sightings have been reported by residents in Winslow Township near the Hammonton Border.

New Jersey Fish and Wildlife is also aware of the reports.

Police in Winslow Township released this video from a South Jersey business that shows a large cat that may be a mountain lion in the area.

Officials suggest residents use caution with their children, pets, and themselves if they should see one, though here have been no reports of the large cats making any contact with people.

Mountain lions were once indigenous to the New Jersey area, but have not been present for many years.

Grainy video submitted by winery in Hammonton of an animal that looks like a large cat and a grainy photograph from a hunter's game camera have been submitted and reviewed. [[397379981, C]]

Due to the quality of the photo and video, it is not possible to tell with certainty what the animals are, but police could not rule out the presence of a large cat or cats.

Police ask anyone who spots the cat or cats to report the sightings to Winslow Township's Animal Control 609-567-0700 ext 1500.

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