Popular Delaware Sports Center to Close After 36 Years

Families in Newark will have to find a new place to host birthday parties after Thanksgiving. 

Vince’s Sport Center will close its doors for the last time in late November. The arcade has been sold to a grocery store chain. 

Mini golf, batting cages, par 3, and an arcade are some of the attractions that have made Vince’s so popular.

"I've watched a lot of parents raise their kids, their kids grow up and bring their own kids here," owner Phillip Santucci said. "It had been an honor to be there with them."

Santucci took over the sports center from his dad, and says he and his own son are still passionate about it. He says he plans to eventually open a smaller version of Vince’s somewhere else in Northern Delaware.

Before the doors close, lovers of the arcade are traveling from across the country to enjoy the spot one more time. Nick Conte, who now lives in Florida, grew up down the road and made the trip to Newark to give his sons one last experience before the closing.

"I used to love this place," Conte said. "I spent a bunch of my childhood here." 

The Gender Road property was sold to German based Lidl grocery store and will remain open until late November.

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