Popular Chester County Pig Roast Canceled Amid Threats of Protests

After the Malvern Fire Company canceled their annual pig roast fundraiser, members of the community are searching for the real explanation.

What to Know

  • The Malvern Fire Company canceled their sixth annual pig roast, stating low ticket sales as one of the reasons why.
  • Local residents are questioning the explanation. They were led to believe that threats of a protest were the main factor.
  • The alleged protesters were against the event due to concerns over animal rights.

A popular annual pig roast that serves as an important fundraiser for a Chester County fire department has been canceled, possibly over concerns that some people might protest the roasting of the pig.

The Malvern Fire Company did not say exactly what led to the decision in the statement they released. However, members of the community believe a looming animal rights protest was a key factor in the cancellation.

A popular local blogger voiced her concerns on her site, Chester County Ramblings, that the fire company had been receiving threats of a disturbance at the event.

"What I was told is that the poor fire company got emails and phone calls saying a pig roast was a horrible thing to do to an animal," she wrote.

In a press release, the Malvern Fire Company cited "the lack of ticket sales and in consideration of the many hours our volunteers would need to donate to organize and host this particular event" as two factors leading to the cancellation.

Residents took to Facebook to voice their opinions about the cancellation and the statement released.

"If anything, I’m disappointed in the Malvern Fire Company to bending to the whims of a few," Malvern resident Beth McNulty told NBC10.

"So what there were going to be a couple of people who protested, let them protest. No way would their numbers be greater than the attendance of the Community that looks forward and supports this event each year."

The fire company has other fundraisers throughout the year and does not plan to hold the pig roast at a later date, according to the press release.

"We are very thankful for the communities' support. We had a very successful fair and are on target to have a successful golf outing," the press release read. "We would also like to thank the pig roast sponsors who had committed to support this event. The company is discussing other ways to apply their to the upcoming fundraising efforts scheduled for this year."

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