Residents Ask What to Do With Their Rides When ‘Secure’ Pope Box Goes Into Effect

Pope Francis is coming and that means hundreds of cars have got to go from Philadelphia’s streets.

“I would like to know where they expect everybody to go,” said Fairmount resident Alyssia Milletti.

Milletti, who planned to work at home but now plans to get out of town, is one of the thousands who live in the yellow “secure vehicle perimeter.” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said Thursday that no cars can be parked on certain Fairmount, Center City, Washington Square and Old City streets during the Pope’s late September visit.

"There can be no vehicles in the secure perimeter area," said Nutter.

On Friday, residents in the “no-car zone” searched for answers about what to do with their cars while the Pope is in town the last weekend of September.

“I haven’t been contacted by the city whatsoever,” said Fairmount’s Andrew Malkasian.

Cars must go in the yellow area and red area, dubbed the “secure perimeter” starting as soon as Thursday, Sept. 24. But can remain – and even possibly move around – in the green “traffic box” on while the Pope is in town that weekend (Sept. 26 and 27).

Is the place where no cars go going to cause you to get up and go out of town during the Pope’s visit?

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