Polite Burglar Offers to Repair Damage: Cops

Police say the suspect apologized to the victim, claiming he broke into the wrong home.

Guess not all alleged criminals are ill-mannered, at least not the man that Vineland police have nicknamed the polite burglar.

Maria Cardona, 39, says that on Monday, a man rang the doorbell at her home on the 1000-block of New Pear Street in Vineland, but because she did not recognize the man, she didn’t answer the door.

Moments later, Cardona heard a loud thud coming from the kitchen area, upon further inspection, she found the same man – inside her home, according to the police report.

Cardona asked the man what he was doing in her house. The suspect allegedly informed her that he was looking for someone named Greg. He then asked the victim her street address and quickly realized in was in the wrong home.

“I’m so sorry. I meant to break into 1021,” the alleged burglar told Cardona, according to police.

Cardona says he even went as far as offering to fix the screen door he damaged while breaking into the house.

Police say the victim refused the offer and asked the suspect to leave the house.

“He was really polite,” Cardona told police. “He just scared me, though. I just wanted him to get out.”

Authorities are describing the alleged burglar as a white male in his mid-20s, approximately 5-feet-8 with shaggy facial hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a black hat with sunglasses on top, a black T-shirt and dark jeans with three white stripes down the sides. Police say the man has a tattoo across his left knuckles.

Anyone with information is urged to call Vineland police. 

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