Police warn residents about viral ‘door kicking challenge' on social media

Surveillance footage has been obtained of suspects kicking in the door of a home in Delaware.

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Young people have been seen kicking and punching the front doors of homes as part of a viral social media challenge.

The goal of the 'door kicking challenge' is for the participants to hit the doors of residential homes and run away while filming it.

Police in Delaware are warning homeowners and participants of how dangerous this game could be after several incidents have been reported.

Police said they have surveillance photos of young people doing this 'challenge' to numerous homes over multiple weeks in Newark and Bear in Delaware.

"Our concern is that this occurs and then the homeowner or the residents feel like someone is breaking into their home," New Castle County Police Sgt. Tracey Duffy said.

One of the incidents occurred on July 12, in New Castle County, where a door was kicked all the way in and damaged while residents were home.

Surveillance video obtained by a neighbor showed unknown subjects kicking doors and fleeing from the scene by foot or bicycle.

In a news release, New Castle County police have released images of the suspects wanted. They're asking for help in identifying those individuals.

New Castle County Police
Surveillance photos of two suspects police said participated in the challenge in Delaware.

One homeowner, who wanted to be anonymous, told NBC10 teens went to their home multiple times, kicking and punching the front door.

"They will at some point antagonize the wrong person and you know what it's going to lead to and it’s not gonna be good for the person trying to get themselves some video fame," the homeowner said.

Young people are warned that the "challenge" is a highly risky thing to do, and police are asking parents to keep an eye on their kids and monitor what they watch on social media.

Police also said that this "challenge" will result in criminal charges.

Homeowners are asked to send New Castle County police surveillance videos or photos if it happens to them. Tips can be sent to the Criminal Investigations Unit at (302) 395-8110.

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