Philadelphia Police Van Crash Leaves 2 Officers Hurt, Wheels on the Road

A Philadelphia Police van headed to a call collided with a car overnight landing two officers in the hospital and leaving a debris field across a Frankford section road.

The crash closed Frankford Avenue at Sellers Street shortly after 3 a.m. Sunday.

Two police officers suffered what appeared to be nonserious head and back injuries -- one with a broken leg, said police accident investigators.

No other injuries were reported, said police.

The police wagon was responding to a call — it's sirens and lights on — when the westbound vehicle crossing Sellers Street struck the van, said police.

The force of the wreck left the van badly damaged — wedged between two supports for SEPTA’s Market-Frankford El. The front-end of the sedan also suffered extensive damage.

Debris including a wheel and axle that fell off the back end of the police van remained strewed over the roadway.

Investigators remained on the scene early Sunday as they worked to figure out what led to the crash.

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