Halloween Mask Key in Cold Case

He was a popular doctor, a husband and father who was known for providing medical care, even if his patients couldn’t pay him.

On the night of February 4th 1994, Doctor Phillip Kistler was tending to patients, his wife was working as the receptionist when police say two masked men stormed the small office located then on the corner of High and Biddle streets.

One man wore a nylon stocking mask and had a gun. Police say that masked man is responsible for shooting Dr. Kistler in the head as patients and his wife were huddled on the floor of the small medical office.

The other man wore a Halloween mask -- the monster mask of green plastic with shaggy black hair and two red scars was left behind.

Investigators say one of Kistler’s patients pulled it from the man’s face. Now 15 years after the brutal unsolved crime took place, a newly formed task force has looked into the case and taken new DNA samples from that mask.

West Chester Police Chief Scott Bohn remembers that night. He was a detective on the force and responded to the crime scene.

He says he knows there are people out there who are still staying silent about who was involved in he crimes. He says the men demanded cash from the doctor’s office but left with nothing.

Kistler died two days after the shooting. He never regained consciousness. Police say new leads have been discovered and say the reward fund collected 15 years ago remains untouched and still available for the person who gives police the tip that leads to an arrest and conviction of the killers.

Mrs. Kistler, a witness to the crime, died a few years ago. The couple’s children live out of state but Bohn says this case is very personal and he believes the crime will be solved.

He says new DNA technology not available 15 years ago may be the key police need but they also hope those in the know will come forward and name the identities of the two masked men.

If you information regarding this case, please call West Chester Police at 610.696.2700.

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