Police Officer Shoots Dog at Close Range

A dog survived after being shot at close range by a police officer in Beverly, N.J. The dog was shot at more than once but did not die. It ran away despite being injured.

A YouTube video shows an officer pointing a gun at the dog and shooting it multiple times. The video is disturbing and NBC10.com has chosen not to post it.

The man who posted the video said to his knowledge the dog was not aggressive but police tried to calm the dog when it became agitated. He and his friends tried to corral it before it was shot.

Rich Wolbert, public safety director in Beverly, issued a statement on behalf of the Beverly Police Department, which is investigating the incident.

Officers from Beverly, Edgewater Park, and Delanco Police Departments responded to
a call of a vicious dog at 245 Warren Street at approximately 11:20 a.m. on the morning of June
5, according to the statement.

When the officers arrived, they found a woman's finger had been amputated by the dog. The canine was found behind a building on Perkins Street.

Police say the dog came toward the officers in an "aggressive manner and the animal was shot multiple times."

After chasing its tail, as seen in the video, the dog ran from the scene to the 600 block of Elizabeth Street where it was retrieved. The dog was then taken for veterinary treatment and transported to the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

The injured woman was transported to Lourdes Medical Center in Willingboro. The dog is being observed at the shelter. NBC10.com reached out to the shelter. There's no word on the present status of the dog.

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