Police Search for Abducted Baby

Public asked to keep eyes peeled

Have you seen this pair?

The woman's name is Vanessa Perez, a Philadelphian who took a baby into her care yesterday and never returned.

Perez, 20, is friends with Nikina Lazenby the mother of 1-year old Tremaine Peak. The woman came by Lazenby's house Monday night to take Tremaine out for a walk. She had missed the boy's birthday party in May and wanted to spend some time with him.

The two left Lazenby's house on the 1100 block of N. 41st Street around 6:30 p.m., police said. Perez said she'd be just an hour, but when 9 p.m. rolled around the mother began to get worried.

"At around 9 p.m., mom calls Vanessa and says 'Look I thought you were coming back in an hour, she said look I'm not too far away. I'll be there shortly," Lt. John Walker with Philadelphia Police told NBC10's Tim Furlong.

As a few more hours rolled by with no word, Lazenby called and called the woman's cell to no avail.

"He's defenseless," the tearful Lazenby said. "He can't walk, he can't do anything. Just bring my son back!"

The mother and Perez are friends. The alleged abductor moved to Philadelphia from Southern California just about a year ago, police said. She does not have a car and authorities don't believe she has a drivers license so they are keeping an eye on bus and train stations. The lack of a vehicle is the reason police have not issued an Amber Alert – as they require a vehicle description.

"I'm not trying to get her in any trouble, I just want my son back, and please bring him back safely," Lazenby pleaded.

Perez did take a diaper bag, but does not have the baby's inhaler. Police are asking the public to keep their eyes out. So far, two sightings have turned out to be nothing. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

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