Police: Nun Bandit Had Crime Habit

He's a dangerous guy and Philly police say he’s off the streets.

51-year old Cosmo Marinelli is suspected in a disturbing string of crimes.

Police say the Philadelphia man has a record of 40 arrests in the city dating back to 1975. His most recent charges include theft in two Delaware County Townships. Police say he was caught on video, burglarizing a gas station in Tinicum Township on Christmas Eve. 

Police there say Marinelli stuffed a trash can full of stolen cigarettes and took off in a white van.

Marinelli was arrested on January 17th after police say they spotted a van that looked like the one used in the Christmas Eve gas station robbery.

Marinelli was busted for DUI and police say he confessed to the cigarette heist and other Delaware County burglaries.

Tinicum police say since Marinelli's arrest, they've been swamped with calls from police all over the Philly-five-county area, seeking to close burglary cases that are similar to the cases Marinelli has confessed to. 

One disturbing crime; the nighttime burglary of a convent. As 19 nuns slept, a man broke into the convent and stole cash and gold crosses belonging to the nuns. The thief was seen on surveillance cameras taking off with the stolen property in a white van.

Police in Philly late Wednesday said they were waiting for the District Attorney to approve charges against Marinelli.

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