Police Make Arrest in Fatal Hit-and-Run

Police arrested a Bristol Township man for the hit-and-run death of 36-year-old Eric Beck.

Police made an arrest in the hit-and-run death of a Levittown man.

On Monday, police arrested 23-year-old Charles Horrocks of Hatfield Street in Bristol Township, Pa. Horrocks allegedly struck and killed 36-year-old Eric Beck with his car early Sunday and then fled the scene.

Charles Horrocks 

On Sunday night, police found the black Audi Horrocks allegedly drove during the accident. Investigators believe Horrocks hid the damaged black Audi at a storage facility in Morrisville.

Beck, a Levittown man, had been celebrating with his brothers at a local pub Saturday night and was walking to a nearby store in Bristol Township to meet his mother for a ride home a little after midnight Sunday when he was struck.

Beck’s mother, Michelle Beck, found her son in the road and held him as he died. There was no driver to be seen.

"I was rubbing his hair and I touched him," Michelle Beck told NBC10. "I said 'Eric,' and he said 'Mom, squeeze my hand.' That was it, that's all he said to me."

Horrocks was arrested at his girlfriend's home in Yardley and taken into custody. Police say Horrocks was already arrested last January for driving with a suspended license. He also has a rap sheet of prior arrests, mostly being traffic offenses, according to investigators.

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