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Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Under Investigation Dies: Sources

A Philadelphia Police lieutenant who was under investigation in a stolen weapons case has died, according to NBC10 sources.

NBC10 learned Philadelphia Police lieutenant Vincent Testa was found dead Wednesday. While officials have not yet revealed how he died, sources say his death is not a homicide. 

Testa was part of the police force for more than 20 years and worked at the Philadelphia Police department’s Firearms Identification Unit. He was the commanding officer who oversaw the processing of illegal guns confiscated as evidence.

In 2012 Testa became the center of an internal investigation after two officers under his command filed a civil suit. The officers accused Testa of fabricating paper work to make it look like the department processed more illegal guns than it actually did. The lawsuit also alleges Testa shipped unexamined weapons to an evidence room at city hall after he was ordered to lower a backlog of unexamined guns from 1500 to 500.

Testa was also accused of covering up for an officer who allegedly stole 51 guns.

Police sources told NBC10 Testa was still under investigation prior to his death and the department even confiscated his weapon last week. reports Testa, 53, was found unresponsive in his home by his girlfriend Wednesday morning. Testa's former wife also spoke with and described him as a "wonderful, wonderful guy." She also claimed he had been worried about the investigation.

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