Police Investigate Bucks County Car Thefts

Police say 10 vehicles have been stolen while 23 more have been broken into in Falls Township since mid-December.

Police are investigating a rash of car thefts in Bucks County.

Since mid-December, 10 vehicles have been stolen in Falls Township while 23 more have been broken into, according to investigators.

“We’ve gotten at least two to three notices about people breaking into people’s cars,” said Jessa Harper of Levittown.

Police say the most recent car theft happened Wednesday morning outside a pawn shop on Big Oak Road. 

Several cars have also been stolen from the Village of Pennbrook Apartments in Levittown, according to police.

“It appears that it’s somebody addicted to drugs doing petty thefts to get money for drugs and then they’re getting lucky finding the keys in the car,” said Lieutenant Henry Ward of the Falls Township Police Department.

The thefts also include a 1998 Toyota Camry parked in a driveway on Austin Drive on Christmas as well as cars on Vermillion Drive and North Olds Boulevard last Thursday and Friday.

Police say a few cars have been recovered in Philadelphia and Trenton. No parts were stolen and the suspect or suspects don’t seem to be targeting a specific make, according to investigators.

However they also say all of the stolen cars had one thing in common; they were unlocked during the time of the theft while some even had the keys inside them.

“It’s just amazing to me that someone would leave their keys in their car in this day and age,” said Lieutenant Ward.

“I’ve told the neighbors around the street to make sure that they lock their doors,” said Matt Faison whose father’s GPS and iPod were stolen during one of the car thefts. “We’re constantly locking the doors.”

Police have added more patrols to the area as the investigation continues. Anyone with information should call the police department’s Detective Bureau at 215-949-9100.

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