Dog Corners Suspect

Greif ought to get all the dog snacks he wants today.

He's keeping the riffraff out of the neighborhood.

The police dog helped his partner hunt down and haul in a thief, according to police.

Greif (rhymes with strife) works with Corporal Anthony Scelsi of the New Castle County police.

A couple of days ago, the two answered a 9-1-1 call from a woman in Lynford. She'd spotted two guys lurking along the side of her house.

When Corporal Scelsi and Greif arrived, they started checking out the area. Greif ran to the back of the house and found Matthew J. Williams hiding behind a neighbor's shed.

Greif must have shown some pretty fierce teeth at that point because Williams gave up on the spot.

Williams, 24, was taken into custody and had to hand over his burglar tools which included a flashlight and several prying devices.

The second guy, Keith Brady, was caught at Williams' home. That's where police also found a stolen wallet and credit cards.

Both guys were arrested and charged with theft-related crimes.

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