Police: Man Who Sexually Assaulted a Wal-Mart Shopper Caught

Suspect nabbed in Nevada during a traffic stop

The man accused of sexually assaulting a Montgomery County woman he followed home from Wal-Mart was caught in Nevada, according to Lower Providence Township Police.

Seth Griffin, 31, was on the run for two-and-a-half weeks. He followed a 19-year old woman home from the Wal-Mart on South Trooper Road in West Norriton Twp., on July 27, according to investigators. He forced his way into her home and sexually assaulted her, said police.

Investigators identified Griffith from the tip calls they got after releasing surveillance video. The store video shows a man following the victim while she shopped inside the store.

"I don't know what brought him to that point, but a detective told me that almost hands down, it's him," said Griffith's mother two days after the alleged attack. Griffith lives with his mom in Norristown.

"Please apologize to whoever this is that he's supposed to have done this to. This isn't my son," said his mom.

Griffin was arrested during a regular traffic stop. The Nevada officer checked the registration plate on the car he was driving. The plate came back as stolen in Alabama and the car, it turns out was stolen in Georgia. The officer ran Griffin's information through a national database, found out he was a wanted man and took him into custody.

Nevada and Montgomery County authorities are working to extradite Griffith here to face charges of attempted rape, sexual assault and burglary.

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