Police Break Up Large Crowd on Temple's Campus

Police made several arrests as they attempted to disperse the crowd

Several people were arrested as police broke up a large crowd on the campus of Temple University.

Hundreds of teens and even adolescents took to the corner of Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue around 9:30 p.m. Friday, according to police.

Philadelphia Police believe many of the teens were attending movies at The Pearl Theatre at Avenue North and the crowd amassed outside after they ended.

Groups of teens played cat and mouse with officers as they darted through traffic and moved from corner to corner.

The crowd ran as police swarmed the area with batons drawn. A police tactical helicopter shone a spotlight on the teens as they retreated into the surrounding neighborhood.

Officers followed the teens north and west and onto sidestreets to ensure the crowd was fully dispersed.

Chopper 10 caught several teens being searched and then arrested during the chaos. There were no reports of injuries.

The large crowd comes on the heels of a crackdown on teen flash mobs organized over social networking sites. Police did confirm that Friday's crowd was a flash mob though they didn't ellaborate on how it was coordinated.

If you have pictures or video of the crowd, send them to tips@nbcphiladelphia.com.

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