Hamilton Township Pushes to Buy Body Cameras for Police

A Mercer County, New Jersey town continues to push for body cameras for its police department.

Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede submitted a request to the Township council to purchase body cameras for police. If approved, the Hamilton Township Police Department would begin using the cameras within the first half of this year.

“Body cameras will protect both our Police officers and our residents, building even further upon the high level of cooperation that already exists between our law-abiding citizens and our Police Department,” Mayor Yaede said.

Under the plan, Hamilton Township would begin a 5-year contract with Taser for 120 police body cameras that would be replaced at the 2 ½ year mark as well as equipment and unlimited cloud-based storage.

Officials say the cost for the cameras and equipment in the first year would be over $194,000 and then drop to around $100,000 in each of the next four years. The town also plans on using a $60,000 Attorney General Body Worn Camera Grant to help fund it.

The Township Council will officially receive the funding request at a public meeting on March 1.

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