Philly Animal Shelter Offers Adoption Discounts for ‘Pokémon Go' Players

A Philadelphia animal shelter is using the insanely popular “Pokémon Go” game to provide homes for animals in need.

ACCT Philly, the largest animal care and control service provider in the region, announced their first ever “Pokémon Go” challenge. The shelter, which is listed as a “Pokémon Go” gym, is offering adoption discounts to users of the game who catch a Pokémon or win a battle at their location on 111 W Hunting Park Avenue in Philly. Those who catch a Pokémon will be able to adopt a pet at half-price while those who win a battle will be able to adopt a pet for free.

The challenge, which began on July 16, will last until Friday, a day before the second annual Clear the Shelters event.

“We always have to be thinking of ways to reach people to get them excited about adopting,” said Ame Dorminy, a spokeswoman for ACCT Philly. “We would love to have even more Pokémon players come in.”

ACCT Philly’s promotion of the challenge on Facebook has been shared over 1700 times so far.

Dorminy says other shelters across the nation are using the game to increase adoptions. “Pokémon Go” players in the area told NBC10 they liked the shelter’s idea and thought it was a smart way for non-profits to promote good causes.

“I think that’s very great and productive,” said Shawn Parker. “Everybody plays so it gives everybody a little more incentive for the game.”

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