Poisoning Expert: Cyanide Killed Pennsylvania Neurologist

A University of Virginia poisoning expert says a Pittsburgh neurologist definitely died of cyanide poisoning and that the chemical had to have been administered minutes before her husband called 911.

Dr. Christopher Holstege says Monday that 41-year-old Autumn Klein's symptoms ruled out anything but cyanide poisoning and that a positive blood test confirmed it as the cause.

Klein's husband, 66-year-old University of Pittsburgh medical researcher Dr. Robert Ferrante, is on trial in her April 2013 death.

Holstege was the last prosecution witness to testify.

Ferrante's lawyers say they'll call medical witnesses to cast doubt on the prosecution's claim that she was even poisoned.

Among them is the county's former coroner, Dr. Cyril Wecht.

The nationally known pathologist has consulted on the deaths of JonBenet Ramsey and Elvis Presley.

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