Pittsburgh Zoo Unveils Premature Baby Elephant

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium welcome a new baby elephant. The newborn arrived a month sooner than expected.

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Pittsburgh Zoo
The young elephant was born at the zoo's International Conservation Center in May, but it wasn't unveiled to the public until June 6th.
Pittsburgh Zoo
A full-term baby elephant usually ranges from 207 to 280 pounds.
Pittsburgh Zoo
The female calf was born premature at 180 pounds (84 kilograms).
Pittsburgh Zoo
The zoo will continue to monitor the baby elephant as it adjusts to life.
Pittsburgh Zoo
Born to Seeni, a 21-year old elephant, she joins three others that originated in Botswana.
Pittsburgh Zoo
The zoo is currently waiting to see how the calf adjusts to the zoo's herd before naming it.
Pittsburgh Zoo
The newest member of the Pittsburgh Zoo will continue to adjust into its new habitat before the public gets a glimpse.
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