WARNING: Pit Bulls “Axed” to the Head

Be warned that the details of these dogs injuries could be disturbing to some viewers

Two pit bulls were found in Trenton Friday morning suffering from apparent ax wounds to the head.

The male and female pups were found by police around 6:45 a.m. near train tracks around Cass Street and Route 129, according to authorities.

Each dog was in bad shape and had to be rushed to the Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services in Langhorne, Pa.

Officials at CARES have affectionately named the pit bulls “Willie and Kate.”

Be warned that the details of their injuries could be disturbing to some readers.

“The injuries went from front to back over their head.  It appears to have been done by some sharp, heavy, blade of some sort,” said CARES Co-Director, Dr. Jon Rappaport. “This is very suspicious for some sort of animal abuse.”

“The male dog has a large, roughly 3-inch-by-1-inch deep laceration that goes down to his skull,” Rappaport said. “It looks like a huge gouge was taken out of the dog’s head. It’s over the right frontal aspect of his skull above his eye.”

Willie is in recovery, officials said.

The condition of Kate is more severe.

“The female dog has a 3-inch laceration over the frontal aspect of the skull in between the two eyes,” said Rappaport.

The blow caused bone fragments to enter the dog’s sinuses.

“As long as infection doesn’t set in, she should be fine,” Rappaport said.  “We are cautiously optimistic at this time.”

They will be cared for at CARES at least through the weekend, according to animal hospital.

No owner has come forward to claim the dogs.

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