Historical Artifacts Under I-95

Artifacts found during the archaeological excavation of the land between the Vine Street and Allegheny Avenue interchanges during the I-95/Girard Avenue Interchange improvement project.

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PennDOT / URS Corporation
Henry Clay presidential campaign plate (1844), an American Flag cup ca. 1830s, a “Tallio” (tally-ho!) cuff link with image of a running fox, US Artillery Corps button from the 1820s, and a “Gentleman’s Rest” bar token from the 1880s
PennDOT / URS Corporation
URS archaeologist documenting a series of pet burials in a 19th century basement floor.
PennDOT / URS Corporation
URS archaeologists excavating portions of the Dyottville Glass Works factory complex. In the early 19th century this was one of the largest and most important glass factories in the United States.
PennDOT / URS Corporation
Pierrot Lunaire, or “Moonstruck Pierrot,” figurine from the turn of the 20th century. It is a character common in pantomime shows dating back to the 1600s. "Moonstruck Pierrot" is often portrained as a clown that is in love with the moon. The figure is always depicted as daydreaming while serenading the moon.
PennDOT / URS Corporation
Series of slip-decorated redware dishes; these were manufactured in Philadelphia and would have been found in virtually every home in the city.
PennDOT / URS Corporation
19th century “Rockingham”-style pitchers with molded face decoration; possibly made in Philadelphia.
PennDOT / URS Corporation
Snapping turtle skulls. Snapping turtle soup was, and still is, a Philadelphia delicacy. The remains of many turtles have been found in household trash deposits.
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