Photographer Uses Facebook to Find Mystery Couple After Snapping Impromptu Proposal Pics

Megan Hoffer was on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia last Thursday working on a photography session when she noticed something special happening nearby.

After snapping impromptu pictures of a man proposing to his girlfriend, a photographer used the power of social media to track them down.

Megan Hoffer was on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia last Thursday, working on a photography session, when she noticed something special happening nearby. Ricky Walsh was proposing to his girlfriend Jacqueline Hawkins.

“Oh my gosh! That guy’s proposing,” Hoffer remembers thinking at that moment. “Oh my gosh he’s proposing right now!”


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Hoffer took out her camera and snapped photos of the beautiful moment.

“Voila! It was magic,” Hoffer said.

But there was only one problem. Hoffer had no idea who they were and they left before she got the chance to talk to them. Hoffer then posted the pictures on her Facebook page and asked the public to help her find them.

Amazingly, a man named Tim who said he was Walsh’s neighbor, saw the post and let the couple know about it.

“I have no idea who Tim is,” Hoffer said. “So I have no idea how he saw it or which share it was. It was really pretty neat.”

The couple received the photo from Hoffer. Walsh told NBC10 they recreated the engagement picture for a relative but having the real one means a lot.

“To get the actual emotion in the photos was awesome,” he said.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Jacqueline said yes.

“I just know that she is going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Walsh said. “For as long as I live.”

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