Philadelphia Councilman Warns of Jury Duty Phone Scheme

Philadelphia officials warned city residents of a phone scheme falsely representing the Sheriff's Office in order to collect money for missed jury duty or failure to repay fines. 

Officials said the alleged schemers call people threatening to arrest or fine them because they owe debt to a quick loan organization or have missed jury duty. 

The Sheriff’s Office cautions residents that officials never call to collect money and only serve court-executed warrants in such cases. 

“I need to make it absolutely clear,” Sheriff Jewell Williams said. “We never call anyone about a debt. We serve a court-executed warrant”.

Many residents from Philadelphia’s 4th district have already reported receiving these fraudulent calls, Councilman Curtis Jones said. 

Anyone who suspects being targeted by the scheme is asked to call the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office at 215-686-3530 or the Jury Commission Office at 215-683-7190. 

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