Suspicious Powder at Philly International

Source says substance had a note on it that read "dangerous powder"

Firefighters and police officers were called to the Philadelphia International Airport this morning after a suspicious powder was discovered.

Airport employees found a brown powder on top of a note in a bathroom in Baggage Claim E around 6:30, police said.

"The note indicated that, stated that, there was a deadly powder and there was brown powder on top of the note," said Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan.

A source told NBC10 that the note on top of the powder read, "dangerous powder."

The substance was tested. It’s not clear what it is but it does not appear to be harmful, police said.

An airport spokeswoman said there were no evacuations.

Police roped off the area around baggage claim 5 as they investigated. By 9:15 a.m. they took down the police tape.

With the situation under control the focus turned to finding the individual who left the powder and note.

The doer will face a slew of charges, police said.

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