Philly's Retired City Workers Owe $13 Million in Back Taxes

The city is going after 2,500 people who collect pensions, but haven't paid their taxes.

Philadelphia's going after retired city workers who are collecting pensions, but not paying their taxes.

When you add it all up, about 2,500 pensioners owe $12.9 million in back taxes.

"We must hold City employees, retired and current, to the same, if not higher standard as we hold other Philadelphians who owe back taxes, liens or have unpaid City bills," Mayor Michael Nutter said Wednesday in a press release.


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The city sent letters to everyone on the delinquent list. That helped a bit because it encouraged some people to set up payment plans.

For people who don't respond, the city plans to get more aggressive first by witholding up to 25-percent of the money from pension checks. After that, they may go the shame route and publish delinquent pensioners' names on the city's website.

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