Philly's 2022 Budget Focuses on Anti-Violence, Police Reform, Poverty Reduction

Final passage of the budget is scheduled for June 24. 

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Philadelphia’s city council approved a fiscal 2022 budget that invests over $155 million in violence prevention programs to help curb the city’s escalating gun violence.

The budget also funds a $400 million program to create affordable housing, preserve neighborhoods, increase job growth, supports anti-poverty measures, continue police reform and gives additional funds to revitalize the city’s arts, culture and hospitality sectors. 

The $5.2 billion budget received favorable votes from City Council’s Committee of the Whole on Friday. Final passage of the budget is scheduled for June 24. 


The budget invests more than $155 million in gun violence prevention programs and opportunity and jobs initiatives amid a wave of violence that’s on pace to reach record levels this year.  


The budget also supports financing for the Neighborhood Preservation Initiative (NPI), a $400 Million citywide program approved by Council to preserve neighborhoods across Philadelphia.

Highlights of the initiative includes: 

  • Construction of thousands of new affordable homes
  • More inclusive construction workforce - job training, apprenticeships
  • Expanded contracting opportunities for Black and Brown businesses
  • Preservation of existing affordable rental units


The budget agreement continues investments in City Council’s Poverty Action Plan, a long-term strategy to address the quarter of the city’s population currently living in poverty. 


The budget invests nearly $7 Million more in the arts & culture, hospitality and tourism sectors across all Philadelphia neighborhoods.


The budget agreement includes:

  • Residency requirement for new police recruits
  • $14 Million over Five-Year-Plan to outfit Philadelphia police officers with tasers
  • $7.2 Million to fund behavioral health mobile crisis units & crisis hotline
  • $2.1 Million to operate Citizens Police Oversight Commission

More details on the city’s budget agreement can be found here.

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