Police to Fans: Have Fun, Don't Break the Law

Post-game security plans focus on hot spots

Win or lose, Philly PD wants you to keep things clean, legal and peaceful after World Series Game 5.

Police have a plan in place for post-game celebrations if the Phillies win the World Series. They expect people to be dancin' in the streets, they just don't want them rioting in the streets. The message: have all the fun you want, just don't break the law.

Police will focus on certain hot spots -- areas where they expect large crowds. Those include Broad St., Frankford and Cottman, around the Stadium Complex and the University areas.

You might even get a call from Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. He plans to record a phone message to get the "have fun, don't break the law" message out to people who live in key zip codes.

The fire department and utility companies plan to be on standby as well.

The emphasis will be on keeping people and property safe.

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