Philly Phans Gone Wild

With all the excitement came a lot of celebration. And, with a lot of celebration came what we’ll call “Phans Gone Wild” in the streets of Philadelphia.

A Philly School District bus rolled up on Broad St. and police rolled out with batons and riot gear determined to cool things off.

Fires were lit. Cars were turned over. Bottles were thrown at police. Glass, newspaper boxes and even the remains of a SEPTA bus shelter littered the streets.

A drunk driver smacked into a police cruiser sending two officers in Center City to Hahnemann University hospital, police said.

Over at Broad and Walnut, four men slipped through a busted glass door at Robinson Luggage Outlet swiping about half dozen pieces of luggage, according to

Police were on rooftops and in riot gear at all the hot-spots.  They say for most part, fans did exactly what they asked:  they had a ton of fun, but didn't get too out of hand.

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