Your Last Chance to See Elephants at Philly Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo will soon say goodbye to its beloved African elephants and this week is the last chance to catch a glimpse of the Zoo's biggest inhabitants before they leave.

African elephants, Bette and Kallie, arrived in the Philly Zoo from Zimbabwe in 2004.But, their time at America's oldest zoo will come to an end after July Fourth weekend.

The elephants' new home will be at Pittsburgh Zoo’s International Conservative Center located in Somerset County, Pa.

The decision to transfer the elephants was made back in 2005 when the plan to create an elephant habitat fell through because of a lack of funds and a good habitat at the Zoo, said Dr. Andy Baker, VP of Animal Programs at the Philly Zoo.

“It's a bittersweet time for our zoo family, but we are confident that we are doing what is right for the elephants," said President and Chief Executive officer of the Philadelphia Zoo, Vikram Dewan to

“We do hope to bring elephants in the future [at the Philly Zoo] if we provide a great habitat for them,” said Baker.

The Philly Zoo will still continue to support and stay committed to elephant conservation, according to Baker.

The Zoo also supports the efforts to reduce conflicts between people and the Pygmy Elephants in Sabah, Malaysia, said Baker. These Asian elephants are extremely endangered.

The Zoo will keep the public informed about the relocation of Bette and Kallie’s with regular updates on the Zoo's Web site.

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