Philly Vets Get Home Makeover

The Home Depot Foundation will help renovate the Philadelphia Veteran's Comfort House.

Getty Images

Philadelphia military veterans will be honored with renovations and repairs as the Home Depot Foundation’s two-month ‘Celebration of Service’ initiative comes to the Philadelphia Veteran’s Comfort House.

The Comfort House is an organization that provides veterans with support and service for their time spent in the military. Home Depot and The Mission Continues have granted the facility with renovations so they can continue to help over 300 families a year.

The repairs and renovations include kitchen and bathroom updates, new interior and exterior doors and windows, energy efficient improvements, landscaping, and fresh coats of paint in military themed colors for the service in which they have made a contribution.

The renovations will be made by over 50 volunteers from The Mission Continues and The Home Depot Celebration of Service. Partners of these organizations include the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Veterans Service organizations that provide a home away from home to patients undergoing medical treatment. All of the organizations involved will contribute their efforts between Sept. 11 to Nov. 11.

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