Philly Suburb Considers Fining Those Who Don't Lock Cars

Upper Moreland Township residents could face a citation and $25 fine.

A suburban Philadelphia township is considering whether to fine people who don't lock their car doors.

Commissioners in Upper Moreland Township are debating an ordinance that would require people to lock their car doors when parked in public areas -- or face a citation and a $25 fine.

Police Chief Thomas Nestel says that since 2008 three-quarters or more of each year's reported thefts in the township are from cars left unlocked.

The Bucks County Courier Times reports that under the proposal police would do spot checks on cars in neighborhoods having problems with thefts from cars.

The owner of a car left unlocked would first get a warning and the door would be locked.

If it was found unlocked again within the next year, the owner would get a citation and $25 fine.

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