Philly School District Plans 3,820 Job Cuts

Budget cuts mean 12 percent of the district’s teachers gone; no full-day Kindergarten

In a Philadelphia School District budget briefing Wednesday, chief financial officer Michael Masch gave some pretty grim news: the $629 million budget gap means major job and program cuts.

With the current state funding cuts the district would have to eliminate 1,260 teaching jobs, 400 members of central office staff (50 percent of district headquarters personnel), 650 noon-time aids, about 400 custodians, 180 counselors and 51 nurses, according to a statement by the district Wednesday.

Full-day Kindergarten would also be eliminated.

Seventy percent of the District’s budget is mandated. For the past eight years the Philadelphia School District’s 200,000 students have had rising test scores, and the district has been successful in charter school expansion. The state’s current budget proposal that cuts funding could turn the district’s progress around, the statement said.

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