Philadelphia's the Best at Bathroom Recycling

What Philadelphians are doing in the restroom is being recognized.

The City of Brotherly Love has officially topped the list as America’s best recycling bathroom city, beating its top two competitors New York and San Francisco, according to the online survey Unilever Recycling Index.

The nationwide survey, conducted by consumer goods company Unilever, found that more than half of the city's residents recycle their empty bathroom and beauty products.

The City of Brotherly Love came out on top with 52 percent of residents reported recycling, according to the survey. New York took second place with San Francisco following its lead.

Atlanta had the worst bathroom recycling score with only 23 percent of residents reported recycling their empty shampoo bottles. 

The survey also found that parents and men are more likely to recycle bathroom goods and empty bottles in comparison to their counterparts. 

The average nationwide statistic shows Americans are more likely to get a drink, charge their phones or answer a phone call than toss their empty bathroom products in the recycling bin. 

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