Philly Ranked Best City for Newlyweds

Philadelphia is one of the best cities for newly wedded couples to settle down in, according to a recent study by financial education web site

Using data from the U.S. Census, Experian, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the study looked at metropolitan areas with populations of 1 million or more, and considered the percentage of married couples, divorce rates, average credit score, and average hours worked per week in each area.

Philly ranked sixth on the list and was cited as a “great location for married couples in love” because of the city’s low divorce rate and low number of hours worked per week.

According to Census data, only 9-percent of Philly residents are divorced while 46-percent of Philly households are married. The study also indicates that the city’s average of 34.6 hours worked per week, may allow couples more time to spend with one another.

According to the study, the average credit score in Philadelphia is 684. That’s slightly below what global credit reporting company Experian would consider a ‘good’ credit score, but was apparently a good enough indicator of decent financial standing, according to the conductors of the study.

The founder of CreditDonkey Charles Tran said the study was conducted to help newlyweds get off to a good start in their marriages.

"While multiple studies have shown that married couples are probably healthier and live longer than unmarried folks, they often spend a lot of that time arguing over money," Tran said.

"With that in mind, CreditDonkey decided to evaluate cities that give newlyweds the best opportunity to start their lives together on solid footing."

Atlanta, San Jose, Calif., and Boston took the top three spots on the list, respectively. Other cities that made the cut include Buffalo and New York City, N.Y., District of Columbia, Raleigh, N.C., San Francisco, and Minneapolis.

Study conductors said newlyweds who live in one of the highlighted cities will have the highest likelihood for having a successful marriage.

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