Philly Police Work to Clean Up City Streets

In a city known for its “brotherly love” it seems ironic that hate and violence has become a chronic problem. Working to solve this is a police-led force, called Operation Pressure Point, which is targeting crime in the 12 most dangerous districts in Philadelphia.

Operation Pressure Point was launched in April and is to span until October as an attempt to lower Philly crime rates during the peak crime season.

The City police come prepared with over a dozen local, state and federal agencies. The DEA, the FBI and the Department of Licenses and Inspections are just a few of the names backing the cops.

The contingency acts as weekend warriors by entering the most violent-ridden areas at times when many residents try to avoid leaving their homes.


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From about 8 p.m. to the early morning hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday police and their “partners in crime” work to find fugitives, bust drug corners, raid trouble-area bars and decrease violence on the streets.

The work done by Operation Pressure Point has already led to a decrease in violence in these sectors.

Hopefully by the end of the six-month period Philly streets will be a little less cluttered with trash and more open for love.

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