Philly Police Make $1.12M Heroin Bust

Drugs hid in secret door system inside Oxford Circle home

Philadelphia Police have taken a lot of drugs off of the street Wednesday -- $1.12 million worth to be exact.

After witnessing a drug deal, narcotics officers followed a woman back to a house on the 1400 block of Alcott Street in the Oxford Circle section of Philadelphia.

Police obtained a search warrant and upon entering the home found about 3,386 grams of heroin, two guns, drug scales and presses, which would be used to shape the drugs into bricks. The heroin has a street value of $1.12 million.

The dealers hid the drugs in a secret compartment located inside a dresser. The compartment, which was built into the rear of the dresser, was operated hydraulically using a magnet.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the drug operation. Four were in the home at the time of the search. Another was arrested after buying the drugs at another home.

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