Philly Police Investigate Viral Video of Officer Confronting Man

Philadelphia police confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating the video. They also said the officer involved is on administrative duty. 

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An investigation is underway and a Philadelphia police officer is on administrative duty after video of a confrontation between him and a man in North Philly went viral.

The video was posted on social media last week though sources told NBC10 the incident likely occurred months ago on New Year’s Eve near Warnock and Brown streets in North Philadelphia. 

The video shows the officer following an unidentified man and asking him where he’s from and where he’s going while shining a light in his face and repeatedly calling him “boy” and “dog.” The man tells the officer that he had just left his aunt’s house and that he lives in the area. 

“Shut your mouth boy, you don’t live down here,” the officer says at one point in the video. 

Throughout the video, the man repeatedly tells the officer to leave him alone. The two men also taunt each other. 

“Please back up,” the man says at one point in the video.

“I’m allowed to be here. It’s a free country,” the officer replies. 

“Me too,” the man says.

The officer asks him, “Why you chasing me around then?”

“I’m not chasing you around. You’re moving and you’re following me,” the man replies.

The officer then asks him, “Do you need my assistance? You don’t need me for anything?” 

“No. No,” the man answers. 

“Then why are you still here? Walk away,” the officer says.

“I am walking away. Why are you following me? My car is back there,” the man replies. 

The officer also refers to himself as “Officer Hoover” and shows his badge number. 

Philadelphia police confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating the video. They also said the officer involved is on administrative duty. 

Law enforcement sources also told NBC10 the man being followed in the video was arrested on disorderly conduct charges in connection to the incident. 

The video does not show what led to the confrontation. 

A viral video showing a confrontation between a white police officer and a young Black man is raising concerns about the lack of racial diversity in the Philadelphia Police Department. NBC10's Brandon Hudson has the story.

Michael Muhammad, a community block leader in the neighborhood where the incident took place, told NBC10 he believes the officer was talking down to the man and crossed the line. 

“We don’t want our children to look at the police as if they are the enemy,” Muhammad said. “But unfortunately some police are the enemy because they are actually policing us instead of policing with us.” 

"Part of the problem stems from the Philadelphia Police Department's failure to hold corrupt officers accountable for the violent acts they commit in our communities," Philadelphia NAACP President Catherine Hicks said in a statement. "The police need to step up and speak out against those officers who commit these violent and harassing acts, just as they expect civilians to speak up to assist with information to get criminals off our streets. The don't snitch culture in the police department needs to end. Police know who the corrupt officers are. Hold them accountable."

NBC10 reached out to the Fraternal Order of Police for comment on the video. They had no comment. 

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