John Bartram Association

Philly Nonprofit Gets $40K to Help Protect City's Historical Landmarks

The John Bartram Association received a $40,000 state grant to help protect Philadelphia's historical landmarks

What to Know

A Philadelphia nonprofit is receiving tens of thousands of dollars in order to help protect the city’s historical landmarks.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Rep. Joanna McClinton (D-Phila/Delaware) announced a $40,000 state grant to the John Bartram Association.

"A critical step in solidifying our future is preserving our past," McClinton said. "I am proud to support organizations like John Bartram Association who share my commitment to educate our neighbors on the historical significance of our communities and give them the opportunity to experience it for themselves."

John Bartram Association operates and maintains Bartram’s Garden and House, a 45-acre National Historic Landmark described as an “outdoor classroom” and “living laboratory” that inspires people to care about the natural world through gardening and art.

"Historical landmarks also play a key role in attracting visitors from across the commonwealth and beyond to our area,” McClinton said. “This helps strengthen our local businesses in Southwest Philly and ultimately our economy as a whole."

The funding was provided by the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Society’s Cultural and Historical Support Grant Program. The program provides support to Pennsylvania museums and official county historic societies.

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