Philly Mob's Gambling Ring Busted: Feds

The feds rounded up key members of Philadelphia's alleged mob family -- La Cosa Nostra -- on Monday, putting a dent, they hope in an illegal gambling operation that stretched from the city to the suburbs, according to the indictment.

"The significance of the extensive and long-term investigative effort that has resulted in the unsealing of this indictment and the arrests today is that it represents our continuing commitment to the dismantling of the Philadelphia LCN crime syndicate family,” said FBI Special Agent-in-Charge George Venizelos.

Thirteen members of Philadelphia's mob family are named in the indictment. Ten of them are charged in connection with the illegal gambling operation, which was run over the last ten years out of bars, restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops and other local businesses, according to the feds.

Alleged mob members used violence and threats like "chop him up," and "put a bullet in your head," to collect money. One of the accused used a bat to beat a victim for not making good on a loan debt, according to the indictment.

The following people are named, nicknamed and labeled in the government indictment:

  • Joseph Ligambi, "Uncle Joe" and "Unc"/ Philadelphia LCN family boss
  • Joseph Massimino, "Mousie"/ Philadelphia LCN family underboss
  • George Borgesi, "Georgie"
  • Martin Angelina, "Marty"
  • Anthony Staino Jr., "Ant"
  • Gaeton Lucibello, "The Big Guy" and "Gate"
  • Damion Canalichio, "Dame"
  • Louis Monacello, "Bent Finger Louie"
  • Louis Barretta, "Sheep"
  • Gary Battaglini
  • Robert Verrecchia, "Boots" and "Bootsie"
  • Eric Esposito
  • Robert Ranieri, "Bobby"

All but two of the suspects were arrested this morning. Baretta, Ranieri and Lucibello posted bail and have detention hearings on Tuesday.Borgesi and Canalichio are in federal prison serving time on other convictions.

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