Philly Jesus: Pope Francis & I Are Going to Get an ‘Epic’ Selfie

Pope Francis Philly Jesus Selfie 2

The man known as Philly Jesus is hoping to get close enough to Pope Francis to snap a moment that will last forever.

“When the Pope comes, me and him, we’re gonna get a good selfie together and I’m going to take him for a cheesesteak,” Michael Grant, aka Philly Jesus, told NBC10.

He might not have a chance to treat the pontiff to a Philly food favorite while the Holy See is visiting Philadelphia this weekend, but Grant might get a chance to grab that special photo. Grant said he plans to be along the Parkway throughout the weekend of World Meeting of Families events in hopes of getting his moment with the Pope.

The man known as Philly Jesus baptizes a believer in the Love Park Fountain.

Grant, who donned the cloak and staff after being born again following a battle with drug addiction, is known for his Love Park baptisms and preaching in the name of Jesus Christ.

If the selfie happens, Grant said it would be “epic.”

In the meantime, Grants seems to be having a good time riding his own version of the popemobile.

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